If you’re going to be sweating and aching from a gruelling spin class, you might as well do so in a nicely designed space with a coffee waiting for you at the end of it. Opening today in Yarraville, The Art of Cycling is a slick new fitness and spin studio with an adjoining cafe to unwind.

The huge, open converted warehouse space is pretty inspiring. Walking in, the first thing you notice is the turquoise coffee machine, which matches the store bicycle and the scraps of paint on the exposed brickwork. “When we were stripping the plaster from the walls, we discovered that the original paintwork was that colour, and [we] decided to match our coffee machine and decor,” trainer Travis Fitz explains.

The bright studio space is fitted out with state-of-the-art Wattbikes, which not only feel like riding actual road bikes, but also effectively measure power output, cadence, and feature a really nifty pedal balance-effectiveness, which tells you how evenly you spin the bike’s cranks.

The big sales pitch around this is that with such high-tech treadlies, the staff can tailor a ride to your exact level and not only get you fitter, but also improve your riding, even in a group class. The neighbouring cafe space allows cyclists to take a seat at the communal table or on the couches, and wind down with Allpress coffee, freshly-squeezed juice, plus a small selection of fresh fruits, toast, granola, assorted mueslis and yoghurt to help refuel.

The classes, like the huge image of the Alpe D’Huez on the wall, are inspired by the Tour de France, with yellow, green and polka dot jerseys representing the different sprint and climbing focuses on the timetable. For the really brave they also offer a biweekly ‘Sufferfest’ class, designed ‘to ensure there’s nothing left’.

What we really like about Art of Cycling is that they really like cycling - it feels like it’s made for cyclists, not gym junkies.

The Art of Cycling
177 Stephen Street, Yarraville
(03) 9687 5070

Mon to Fri 5.30am-11am, 5pm-8pm
Sat & Sun 7am-2pm