Considering Aesop’s latest product, the aptly named Post-Poo Drops, were released on April 1, shoppers could be forgiven for thinking it was all a bit of a smarty-panted prank. But the product is the real deal and arises from Aesop’s second collaboration with French brand A.P.C. – the first being Fine Fabric Care, another product handy to have around the household.

There’s no point beating around the bush; Aesop and A.P.C. certainly don’t. Post-Poo Drops reassure any shy, would-be shoppers that anyone who eats, drinks and digests on a daily basis undergoes various kinds of “vigorous bathroom activity”. And, well, sometimes you do need a product like Post-Poo Drops to neutralise any funky smells.

Once you’ve recovered from a quick chuckle over the name (at least we hope that we’re not the only ones giggling), it’s worth taking a whiff of the product. Made via a formula of essential oils with disinfecting and anti-bacterial properties, Post-Poo Drops pack a punch with a powerful scent of crisp, citrus peel notes combined with a rich floral aroma. We’ll trust Aesop with the toilet deodorising duties any day.

All it takes is a couple of drops in the toilet bowl, basin or even sink post-flush and your toilet will be funky no more. Now, if only they made something for cat litter…

Post-Poo Drops are available now at Aesop stores.