Travis Bickle’s cowboy boots from Taxi Driver; Johnny Boy’s hat from Mean Streets, the annotated script for Casino and a painting from The Age of Innocence. They’re just some of the close-to 600 objects at the heart of the upcoming exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) that will focus on the life and work of filmmaker, Martin Scorsese.

Curated by the Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum for Film and Television in Berlin, the exhibition, SCORSESE, explores the entirety of the Oscar-winning director’s 40-year career, from his early experimental beginnings through to his pop-culture defining feature films. Drawing on Scorsese’s extensive personal collection, as well as items from frequent collaborators such as Robert DeNiro and Paul Schrader, the exhibition will illuminate the thoughts and working methods of one of Hollywood’s defining directors.

Announcing the exhibition’s only Australian stop, ACMI director and CEO, Katrina Sedgwick, says, “It’s an honour to be taking audiences on a ride through some of the most exhilarating filmmaking of all time in SCORSESE. Scorsese’s passion for the moving image spans feature film, documentary and television, along with a fervent commitment to the preservation and celebration of our cinematic history.”

A program of film screenings, talks, live events and education programs will run with the exhibition, which features storyboards – including some drawn by Scorsese when he was 11 for a planned Roman epic (he hoped to cast Marlon Brando as the lead) – hand-annotated film scripts, unpublished production stills, costumes, personal photos, film clips and more.

SCORSESE shows exclusively at ACMI from Thursday 26 May to Sunday 18 September 2016.

Tickets and information are available here.