The Abbotsford Club is playing host to a Craft and Food Fair in the half cafe, half Coffee Supreme roastery on Grosvenor Street this Saturday.

From 9am until 3pm, expect to enjoy delicious coffee and food while marvelling at a fascinating array of arts and crafts brought to you by local artisans, craftspeople and culinary practitioners.

With the creative likes of Emily Green, Pom by Pomegranate and Campbell Charlotte, you can rest assured that you will find some wonderful and quirky accessories, bags, scarves and prints.

Breakfast, baked goods and a food truck will be on hand for those who’ve worked up an appetite after browsing a range of necklace designs, gorgeous patterns and a great range of fashion designs.

With the freshest local ingredients braised, chopped, mixed, rolled and folded by hand, be sure to enjoy a freshly baked pie from the Purple Pie, who will be setting up shop for the day. Come lunchtime, Kyneton’s Dhaba Curry Truck will be rolling in to serve some delicious Indian flavours.

For sweet tooths, the Conscious Chocolate team will be there, so you can indulge (almost) guilt-free. As the name suggests, Conscious Chocolate are concerned with the health of your body and the earth. Raw, organic, handmade chocolate made from all natural ingredients will wrap the event up nicely, with both your savoury and sweet (and creative) sides happy and satisfied.

The Abbotsford Club Craft and Food Fair
28 Grosvenor Street, Abbotsford
Saturday 9am–3pm