Just when you thought you had seen contemporary and minimalist style furniture in its most essential form, Melbourne’s Design Refinery has come out with the 15 Degree Table, an innovative design that merges refinement with simplicity in one product.

What makes this table so attractive is the striking 15-degree angle from the table’s edge to the ground, with legs that are subtle but sturdy. The table is made with high quality materials only – it can be ordered in Tasmanian plantation blackwood or American oak, finished with natural burnishing oil.

It is set to be the first piece in a new series of designs commissioned by Ross Hines and designed by Justin Hutchinson, to be followed by a daybed and a range of lower tables.

Currently on display at the Tongue and Groove showroom in Collingwood, it is open to all for viewing on Saturdays from noon–4pm or Tuesday-Friday by appointment.

Price: $6,950