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We’ve left lockdown, but has lockdown really left us?

If you’re still a bit rattled, you’re not alone. It was 263 cumulative days, after all.

But the only reason we remind you of that ungodly number is because it’s how many free sessions Maniax is giving away to help you bury the hatchet of lockdown.

The axe-throwing joint opened in Abbotsford in 2018, but it’s about to launch its new CBD flagship on November 19. The 770-square-metre underground space on Elizabeth Street will have all the axe-throwing Maniax is known for, plus pizzas, food platters, a cocktail bar and a bit of a Viking vibe.

It’s the perfect place to blow off any lingering lockdown-related steam.

For the unacquainted, axe-throwing is an exaggerated version of dart-throwing. But the drama of the build-up to a throw – and the feeling of satisfaction you get when you hear the thud of an axe successfully thrown into the board – gives it a serious edge.

There are 263 single passes up for grabs (worth $45 each) plus an extra $10 credit towards your next visit, which means Maniax is footing the almost $15,000 bill for the stress relief of Broadsheet readers.

Never tried axe-throwing, but want to? Can’t wait to give it another whirl? For your chance to win, follow @broadsheet_melb and on Instagram and enter your details below.

This competition is open to Melbourne residents only. The total prize pool is valued at $14,465 ($55 x 263 winners). Entries close on Friday November 19 at 5pm. Winners will be chosen on Monday November 22. Read the full terms and conditions here.