If you’re one of those people who wishes they had a moment of calm between peak-hour public transport and the office, Broadsheet can help. As part of the blockbuster NGV Triennial exhibition of more than 100 artists and designers from 32 countries, Broadsheet is putting on a series of morning yoga and meditation events in the garden at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).

Classes include a lesson in yoga asana led by Universal Practice. The poses taught are designed to build physical strength, develop flexibility and increase awareness of the breath.

Sprouts Yoga is a yoga class designed specifically for tiny humans (three to seven years). This fun session is taught with child-friendly language. Games, music and stories will be used as kids learn poses, sequences and relaxation techniques.

Finally, Collingwood’s A-SPACE will host an energy meditation class. The pranayama breathing techniques taught in the class are designed to help you increase and manage your energy levels.

The classes will leave you refreshed after a night of revelry at NGV Triennial Extra, the 10-night party accompanying the main exhibition. The program features Andrew McConnell’s Supernormal Natsu pop-up and a now sold-out Broadsheet Brunch, as well as talks, performance, pop-up bars and DJ sets from GL, Big Scary, Gold Class and Dan Sultan among others.

After class, stroll into the NGV Triennial exhibition (free entry) to look at the world’s past, present and future through the eyes of some of the most creative minds working today.

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Spaces are limited. Follow the links below for more details and to make your booking.

Broadsheet Mornings at the NGV with Sprouts Yoga
Fri January 19, 9am
This event is now fully booked.

Broadsheet Mornings at the NGV with Universal Practice
Tue January 23, 8.45am
This event is now fully booked.

Broadsheet Mornings at the NGV with A-SPACE
Wed January 24, 8.45am
This event is now fully booked.

Broadsheet is a proud media partner of the National Gallery of Victoria.

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