You might be interested in a gentle introduction to the world of bhujangasana and sarvangasana. You might be looking to get fit in a non-competitive group environment. You might just want to lie down somewhere quiet for a while. That’s okay. Melbourne offers an incredible variety of yoga studios and practices. For those who feel the need for an experience that goes beyond the mat, here’s a list worth selecting from.

For the curious: Power Living

Power Living is a worthy, welcoming place to start your yoga quest. Originating in Sydney, it now has a studio in Fitzroy, inside a renovated warehouse on Nicholson Street.

It offers a range of slow and gentle introductory classes scaling up to a variety of advanced sessions. Power Living’s appeal is it provides a class for all types – “men, women, old, young, injured, athletic” – making it an ideal entry point for the curious.

Power Living

For the rhythmic: Yoga 213

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If you’re looking for a session with a bit of active (and pleasantly distracting?) rhythm to it, Yoga 213 in Richmond offers hip-hop yoga. Incorporating a free-flowing vinyasa practice with hip-hop tunes in a laid-back setting (complete with surfboards and recycled timber on the walls), Yoga 213 welcomes all levels.

If hip-hop isn’t quite your style, and you’re after something a bit more chilled, it also offers Yin Yoga, featuring long, deep poses, and Chill Yoga, set to lazy reggae.

Yoga 213

For those who like it hot: One Hot Yoga

This contemporary South Yarra studio offers three different controlled climates, 21˚C, 27˚C, and for those really seeking to sweat, 37˚C.

Beyond post-class mental enlightenment, that exertion isn’t without immediate rewards; the studio has gone so far as to develop its own signature scent, and an in-house hair-care range, which you can use after a rain shower. Every element has been designed to contribute to the experience.

One Hot Yoga

For the experimental: Humming Puppy

Fancy experimenting with a hertz audio frequency tailored to your ultimate Zen space? Prahran’s Humming Puppy studio is a black-clad, acoustically designed studio that offers three levels of classes with a “hum” soundtrack. Created using a combination of frequencies ranging between 7.83 hertz and 40 hertz, the studio’s founders say the idea is to offer an environment that mimics the earth’s own natural hum, allowing you to leave the space feeling, in their words, unusually grounded.

“The more you’re exposed to these frequencies, the easier it is for you to tap into them when you’re not immersed in them,” says founder Jackie Alexander. “We wanted to create a space that allows clients to go on a journey.”

The studio hosts 39 mats per session, and all equipment is provided. It runs 49 classes a week, with high, medium and low-intensity variations led by teachers from a variety of lineages and practices. There’s also a shower space with complimentary hair and body products, and a relaxation space with coconut water and tea for pre- and post-class hydration.

The Humming Puppy

For the home away from home: Light Space

Inspired by a fresh and contemporary approach to yoga, the mother-daughter team behind Mitcham’s Light Space studio designed their premises to be a sanctuary of calm on the fringes of Melbourne.

With a friendly, open vibe – including bolsters hand made by the owners – it offers a comfortable atmosphere with an awesome view of the Dandenongs through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Offering a range of classes from beginner to expert, Light Space is focused on creating an environment where people can come together as a community and pursue personal improvement.

Light Space