We all need balance in life. Sometimes that means fruit for dessert. Putting your phone down at lunch. But sometimes it means finishing your five-kilometre run with fried chicken, doughnuts, burgers and beer.

Broadsheet is partnering with the Nike+ Run Club (N+RC) to do just the thing. At dusk on Wednesday 25th October, runners will meet at Juanita Peaches in Brunswick to depart on a five-kilometre run around nearby Princes Park, returning to a spread of free food and drink for the trouble.

Leading the group run will be Kieran Ryan, Dave Ridley and Elizabeth Campbell. By day Ryan is a self-described “travelling mustache salesman” for Movember. Ridley works in advertising, Campbell is an architectural designer. But when not at work, the trio lead the Melbourne N+RC.

“One thing that I really like is Nike believe everyone can be a runner,” says Ryan, who along with Ridley is an N+RC coach. “It’s an environment that caters for everybody regardless of speed and agility.”

It’s also social. Accessed by the N+RC app, the club is designed for runners of all shapes and sizes – the only commonality required is you run. The hosts are there to egg you on.

“We have designated – what we call – pacers, or run leaders,” says Ryan. “Depending on your pace, you can jump into a group that works for you.”

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Campbell is a pacer. “We’re in charge of keeping people motivated,” she says of her role. “We keep everyone together and making sure everyone is getting the most they can from the session.” That includes a good time. The inherent camaraderie of a running group is half the point says Ridley. “There’s strength in numbers,” he says. “The chance to meet and connect with new people is a pretty special feature of running and the club.”

The team are no slouches. Both Ryan and Campbell recently competed in the Hood to Coast running event in Oregon, USA, a 199-mile long relay that saw 1050 teams compete, each consisting of 12 people from around the world. Their team finished a respectable 37th. Despite Campbell’s final leg of a 6.5-kilometre run beginning at 3.30am, she says she’d “do it again in a heartbeat.”

Don’t sweat: there will be no such early start in Melbourne. And beyond the feast at Juanita Peaches there’s another bonus – signees can test out the latest Nike Zoom Fly runner on the day.

To take part in the Broadsheet run you need to register your attendance. On Wednesday 25, head to Juanita Peaches at 6pm for a 6.34pm start. You’ll return to a spread of corn chips and shak salsa, popcorn chicken with barbeque sauce and pickles, fries, cheeseburgers, and mini OG donuts, along with some thirst-quenching beers, wine and fizz, care of All Day Donuts, Juanita Peaches, Taco Truck, Temple Brewery Beers and Rockies Lemonade

Run, don’t walk.

Nike+ Run Club x Broadsheet
Event registrations and the waitlist are now full.
Wednesday 25th October Meet at 6pm at Juanita Peaches for a 6.34pm start.

This event is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Nike. Register for any other N+RC event on the N+RC app.