Newly married couple Ash London and Adrian Brine might at first seem like unlikely candidates to run a mindfulness studio. They both work in commercial radio, but it was that frantic lifestyle that led them to meditation in the first place.

The pair started using the app Headspace to meditate at home, and before long decided to open a physical space to bring the practice to others. They launched KNDRD a few weeks ago.

Located three stories above the commotion of the city, the studio caters to office workers in need of some R and R with 30-minute mediation sessions for all levels. “You can come in your work clothes or your play clothes, it doesn’t matter,” says London. Adorned with plush meditation cushions, an abundance of plants and whitewashed walls, it feels like a hidden sanctuary. A rooftop area is perfect for cups of tea in the sunshine before or after a session.

Classes start with an “awareness of breath” meditation, designed to train your brain to focus on your breath. “Mindfulness is – in its simplest form – present-moment awareness,” says London. “It is bringing your awareness to the present moment without judgement.” Next, a “love and kindness” mediation, which London says focuses on “opening your heart”.

KNDRD’s mindfulness facilitator Jossy Jimenez has certifications in mindfulness from UCLA's Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behaviour, a masters degree in Human Development – and, according to London, a reportedly world-class guacamole recipe.

Causal classes are $15, and a 10-class pass is $129. Your first class is free. KNDRD also offers corporate classes and workshops focusing on mindfulness, compassion and vulnerability.