“How a space looks and feels and the relationships that you have with your practitioners has a tangible effect on recovery,” says Benjamin Trinh, the co-founder of Life Ready Physio and Pilates.

The Perth-born fitness and rehabilitation studio came out of Trinh’s disillusionment with the physiotherapy industry.

“It felt fragmented – practitioners were stretched way too thin and patients were suffering because of it,” he says. “We wanted to build great centres and take care of all the HR – all the business stuff – and provide an amazing co-op space. Practitioners can focus on their patients and not worry about the backend.”

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After success with 20 different locations across Western Australia, Trinh and co-founder Jess Ellison have opened their first location in Melbourne.

“Our philosophy for this space was to build something that was elegant but also welcoming,” he says.

The pair enlisted internationally acclaimed architecture firm Russell & George, which is behind a number of dramatic Melbourne interiors, including the new Japanese fine diner Ishizuka.

“We wanted to provide something different in the medical sector that people haven’t necessarily seen before,” says Ryan Russell, director at Russell & George.

“The space is a little bit grand, it’s a little bit upmarket, but it’s not cold,” Trinh. adds.

Aside from physiotherapy, Life Ready offers clinical pilates, remedial massage, spinal care and home visits. Trinh and Ellison are also behind the Open House initiative, a volunteer program that puts practitioners in touch with the disadvantaged.

“Our mission as a company is to be the benchmark for the industry,” Trinh says. “It’s hard to articulate the Life Ready experience in so many words – the range of services, the aesthetic … It’s building relationships with your practitioner. And making you feel like you’re part of the team.”

Life Ready Physio + Pilates
636 Burke Road, Camberwell
(03) 9978 9833

Mon to Fri 8am–7pm
Sat & Sun 8am–2pm


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