In the industrial heart of South Melbourne, down Ross Street, you’ll find a nondescript black door tucked into a recessed warehouse entry with the word “Mirosuna” on it. Climb a flight of stairs, leaving your shoes behind as you go, and you’ll be propelled into Mirosuna founder Sally Kellett’s chic world of mindfulness and meditation.

“What I want people to be able to do here is to use that moment to create some space in their lives – to take a pause,” says Kellett. “To think, ‘What is it that I really want in my life? What is it I really need? And what is it that I have to do to really align with myself?’”

But this is no ordinary meditation space. Mirosuna was purpose-built for Kellett’s take on the ages-old practice. Billed as a “wellness sabbatical” for business professionals, it’s a no-fuss, privacy-focused studio that combines human-centric design with traditional meditative elements.

The interior design is rendered in a warm monotone chosen so as not to distract. Privacy curtains surround bespoke mattress bolsters and a yoga mat in each pod, allowing for optional discretion. There are also some double massage beds in a cosy, glass-lined room that doubles as a reiki space.

Mirosuna’s massage option is called Original Meditative Massage, or OMM, and it combines the use of stones for the body and face with meditation and breath work. Kellett reckons the combination of deep breathing with massage can be transformative for her clientele.

“What we believe here is that a lot of your emotional and mental tension manifests physically, so we use movement and touch to help release that,” she says. “We want to co-create the experience with the client and get them involved in the transformation process.”

If transformation is your goal, you can subscribe to a monthly membership that includes one OMM per month, plus either four or eight classes from the range of meditation styles on offer. Classes range from sleep techniques through to meditative breathing, a combination of yin yoga and meditation by candlelight, or something a little more challenging, such as an emotional release class.

But membership isn’t the only option – you can instead opt for an intro pass, single class or multi-class pass. In fact, Kellett says many of the people who attend Mirosuna’s classes have never meditated before and are mostly intimidated by the very idea of it.

“One thing that I realised with meditation and the whole mindfulness movement in the West, is that it’s a bit butchered in my opinion … I really wanted to change the [perception],” Kellett says.

“The way Western society has depicted it has made it inaccessible – it’s very unwelcoming for the everyday person who just wants to relax … so here they relearn what meditation and mindfulness really is, and the principles that underpin it – the principles that really allow you to change your life outside of the class.”

18A Ross Street, South Melbourne
0492 926 385