Forget Razor scooters – and the very real risk those spinny things pose to your shins.

From February 1, 1500 e-scooters will hit Melbourne’s streets as part of a new trial.

You’ll be able to rent and ride the zippy contraptions in the Melbourne, Yarra and Port Phillip council areas for a year – and that timeframe could be extended, pending the outcome of the trial.

They can travel at speeds of up to 20 kilometres per hour and are permitted on bike lanes, shared paths and low-speed roads – just not footpaths. And, as if you were riding a regular bike, helmets are required.

The trial has just been given the go-ahead by the council, and it’ll be delivered by micromobility operators Lime and Neuron Mobility. To ride, just download the app.

“It’s going to be exciting seeing flashes of neon, orange and green on our streets, and we can’t wait to see people safely scooting about,” Lord Mayor Sally Capp said in a statement.

The trial is part of a state government program to ascertain how e-scooters can safely be incorporated into the community.

The e-scooter trial runs for a year from February 1.