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Morning After looks like a beautiful home. Sunlight streams in through huge north-facing windows, hitting gleaming subway tiles, hanging plants and a bold green accent here and there. The atmosphere is at once energising and relaxing, and it genuinely feels like someone’s home.

After closing family restaurant Dell’Ugo in Southbank, mother-and-son team Soula and Yianni Passaris were excited to bring something light and open to West End, an area where cafes tend to be dark and intimate.

The menu contains a mix of modern classics. There’s breakfast carbonara (pappardelle, 63-degree egg, mushrooms, guanciale, pecorino romano), and the MaMuffin, a classy upgrade to the muffin you’re thinking of, complete with hash browns.

The slogan, “Enjoy the night before, indulge the morning after” is stamped on the cafe’s green takeaway cups. Though the name is inspired by the fact that the place serves breakfast (morning) and lunch (after), it certainly provides whatever preferred salve you might need for a hangover.

From a kale-packed house-made “elixir” and coffee from Uncle Joe’s and 5 Senses, to the breakfast muffin of your dreams, you will most definitely walk away from Morning After ready for another Night Before.