Folio Books

8:30am - 6:00pm
133 Mary Street Brisbane 4000



Folio is sleek and modern, while maintaining the romance of an old-fashioned bookshop. Despite the rise of the digital age and the demise of so many physical bookstores, the shop continues to maintain its relevance and integrity.

Folio opened its doors in 1980. In the following decades it’s stayed true to its roots and may be the only bookshop in the city where books are still the only things for sale. You won’t find notepads or gift cards here – just a sea of beautiful books. They’re presented artfully from floor to ceiling, carefully shelved and stacked with a rainbow of spines on display.

Staff members go out of their way to track down titles on request and have a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm when it comes to book recommendations. Areas of expertise include industrial design, art, poetry, crafts, fiction, current affairs and architectural theory.