Artisan Store


local designers

Craft is not a sexy word. It conjures up images of crocheted tea cosies, knitted bed socks and cross-stitch with grandma. Artisan changes that. It’s a not-for-profit shop and gallery that fronts Craft Queensland – a smart rebrand in the late ’00s to better reflect 21st-century makers.

The store is filled with Australian artist and designer wares, 80 per cent of them made by Queenslanders. Everything is a one-off and handmade. The store’s glass cabinets and shelves are filled with jewellery, ceramics, glassware, textiles, cards and more.

The neighbouring gallery hosts regular exhibitions such as The Apprenticeship – which celebrates 13 artisans striving to preserve declining traditional crafts and trades due to mass production. A smaller gallery space, SOS (Small Object Space) works in partnership with QCA, showing current and alumni student work.

Artisan also uses its front window as a micro-gallery. For one exhibition, Brisbane ceramic duo Charlie & Blair made 100 mugs over as many days.