As you walk up to the front door Chouquette, it’s not uncommon to hear the distinct sound of rapid-fire, politely muted French being spoken among the patrons.

It’s as though French owners Fabrice and Meggy Delaunay have created such an authentic product and atmosphere that the French tourists and expats are helplessly drawn here, like bees to blossoms.

There’s always a short queue for the petite boulangerie-patisserie’s register, which, incidentally, gives you enough time to gaze upon the ranks of eclairs, napoleons, canelles, danishes, tarts, macarons, and croissants waiting under glass, like so many specimens in a museum.

If the “Bonjour!” of the shop attendants weren’t so sincere and friendly, and the smell of butter and golden crusts so palpable, it would be easy to mistake this all for an elaborate museum piece entitled ‘French Bakery’.

Thankfully this is indeed a functioning bakery, and after an equally friendly “Bonjour!” in return, you may order you pain au chocolat or croissants to go. And unlike France, you can switch back to English, and no one will mind.

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Updated: November 5th, 2019

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