The Best New Restaurants in Brisbane

Updated 4 days ago


“What good new restaurants should I try?”

Broadsheet’s editors field this question, or a variation on it, almost every day. While we’d just as soon recommend one of Brisbane’s straight-up best restaurants or a long-standing institution, the pull of a hot new place is hard to deny.

So here it is: our edit of the best new restaurants in Brisbane, updated monthly. Some of these places are redefining the way we eat and will go on to become classics. Others will be shorter lived. Either way, these are the spots we’re enjoying eating and drinking at right now.

  • Dan Arnold and Matt Blackwell have imbued the old Greenglass space with all the flair and ambition you’d expect from the pair. Come for highlights like mussel beurre blanc, and a wine list heavy on French and Aussie drops.

  • Longrain’s Martin Boetz has returned to his hometown to open one of its most thrilling Thai dining experiences. He’s serving up punchy dishes like red curry with coconut braised duck, and fried whole fish with caramelised turmeric.

  • One of Brisbane’s best operators has opened a beautiful fire-powered diner inside a Newstead warehouse. Expect whole fish, half chooks and large cuts of Black Angus cooked over fire. Plus, a European-leaning wine list with plenty of older drops.

  • The W Hotel's sophisticated NY-styleThe W Hotel’s sophisticated NY-style grill sees an ex-Noma chef serving elevated tater tots and dry-aged Warwick Wagyu. Plus, find classic sides like mac’n’cheese and a caesar salad plated tableside.

  • A Penang-born chef wants to change the way Brisbane diners think about Malaysian food with his moody diner. He’s doing that by giving traditional flavours a modern twist – like a unique plant-based take on Malaysian chilli crab.

  • Honouring Sardinia's tradition of charcoal cooking, this restaurant serves a fuss-free menu in a beautifully designed space. Come for fresh seafood and traditional pastas or call ahead for the specially prepared suckling pig.