Best Fish'n'Chips in Brisbane

Updated May 14th, 2021


Hot, sunny days call for fish’n’chips. Good thing we get a lot of those in Brisbane. What could be better than a golden fillet of fish on a bed of crisp, salty chips? All that’s left is a few (sometimes contentious) decisions. Regular salt or chicken salt – or both? A squeeze of lemon or a splash of vinegar? Grilled or fried? Flake, rockling or whiting?

Fish’n’chip shops are a bit like pubs: everyone think their suburb's one is the best. So in this guide, we want to show you some places that are worth crossing town for. These spots pay homage to the classic shops we all went to growing up, with an added focus on sustainable sourcing and catching practices.

So keep going to your local for all of your potato scallop, dim sim and burger-with-the-lot needs – but consider adding one or two of these new-wave spots to your roster as well.

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Where Brisbane’s Chefs Eat Fish’n’Chips

  • Fancy fish and chips and natural wine in an old Queenslander shop.

  • A classic fish and chipper from the Three Girls Skipping team. Come for barramundi, gold-band snapper and cod crumbed and fried to perfection. Plus, seasonal salads, potato scallops, classic burgers and and vanilla-bean soft-serve with malted chocolate sauce.

  • If you're dining in, this is a polished seafood restaurant (with a great fish'n'chips option). But during opening hours One Fish Two Fish also runs a parallel takeaway fish'n'chip service. Pro tip: if you're taking away, arrive early so you can have a drink at the front bar while you wait.

  • Next-level fish and chips from the Hello Please team.