Best Croissants in Brisbane

Updated August 30th, 2022


Croissants are notoriously difficult to make. Even beyond the immense skill and patience required, you need to deal with the weather. A slight change in air temperature, humidity or even the heat in your hands can radically change your final product.

Whether they're yeast raised and prepped by a baker, or more patisserie in style and baked at high temperatures so steam separates the layers, there are a few things that mark a good croissant. It should be crisp but not overly crumbly. The dough within should be buttery and fluffy. When you pull at the sides, it should stretch rather than break.

This is the ideal, but even the best bakeries and pastry chefs have off days. These operators are the most consistent. They get closest to that dream every day. Just make sure to get in early – you'll never find a good croissant in the afternoon.

  • Head to this immaculate pure pink croissanterie for tiramisu croissants, zesty bitter orange custard cruffins and vanilla custard morning buns, washed down with Padre coffee.

  • The Melbourne croissanterie’s gleaming northern outpost bears all the hallmarks of its concrete-and-glass Victorian headquarters. Grab those world-famous croissants and pastries with coffee by Coffee Supreme, or take your place at the seven-seater counter and marvel at The Cube, where the bakers work their magic beneath signature LED lights.

  • A French bakery with every type of bread and pastry you could wish for.

  • Come for the bagels, stay for the sourdough.

  • After years as a wholesaler and market pop-up fixture, this bakery is in a permanent spot. Stop by for your fix of 72-hour sourdough, seasonal fruit Danishes, berry croissant baskets, and double-chocolate croissant buns. Plus there's a savoury croissant toastie and Reuben Hills coffee.

  • A beautiful, Swiss-inspired bakery and patisserie from The Pawpaw Crew. It serves stacks of jam-filled doughnuts, croissants, cruffins, tarts and signature triple-tier baby cakes.

  • The Melbourne-born croissanterie’s petite, takeaway-ready store isn’t much more than a hole in the wall. But it’s serving those famous pastries, and Coffee Supreme espresso and filter. Follow the crowds headed for one of the city’s most popular laneways.