Chicken, pork, lamb or haloumi. Those are your choices when The Yiros Shop switches off the till for two hours at its new CBD store.

Owner Nick James has been busy of late. It was only three months ago that he opened shop number three in South Brisbane. As he told us then, he’s aspired to the CBD ever since Cannon Hill – the same location where he first opened with free yiros.

“Every time we’ve had it, it’s been crazy,” he says. “People come from everywhere and the hype’s just insane.” On Monday July 25 it’s happening again from 3pm to 5pm at 2/120 Edward Street.

Despite the fact that the shops can serve about three customers a minute, James says the line is usually about 45 minutes to an hour. Our tip? Arrive early and catch some Pokémon, if that’s your thing. The shop itself is a Poké Stop, so you’ll earn plenty of experience while you're waiting for your lunch.

Monday July 25, 3pm to 5pm. Limit of one per customer.

Yiros Shop CBD
2/120 Edward Street, Brisbane

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