Glen Morris asks the impossible. Or at least that his grease trap be installed.

Hence your May the Fourth celebrations have been put on ice. For anyone thinking of heading down to the Death Star Canteen tomorrow, you’d best reset your calendar to June 1. “It’s simply down to a grease trap,” Morris says. “It needs to be installed. We’ve missed the date that would’ve been fantastic, so we’ve had to settle for the second best thing, which is to just get it open,” he laughs.

Morris is disappointed – May 4 is commonly known among fans as Star Wars Day with its catch cry, “May the fourth be with you”. But the delay has allowed him to fine-tune a fit-out he originally described to Broadsheet as “ridiculous”.

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“We don’t want people to be overwhelmed,” he says. “The Star Wars references will come after you’ve been sitting there for a while.”

Otherwise, the secret plans for Death Star Canteen remain unchanged; it will still be an Italian provincial-style sandwich bar focusing on fresh, local produce. “The menu tasting is happening at the moment and it’s looking pretty fantastic,” Morris says. “We’ve managed to get Banneton Bakery on board, so that’s been great – they often don’t do wholesale but I got down on my knees. They do this amazing Italian-style focaccia, which is very hard to get in Brisbane.”

In terms of coffee, there’s the fair-trade blend by The Coffee Roaster on Montague Road. “We’ve decided we’re going to call it Dark Side,” Morris continues. “Also, there’ll be a customised coffee machine that’s going to look really cool.”

As for the June 1 opening party, it should still be a riot. Think storm troopers, stand-up comedy and Shakespearean reinterpretations of a galaxy far, far away. Also, Morris says one of his staff is an able clarinetist. You get the picture.

Death Star Canteen
359 Queen St, Brisbane