Nick and Kristina Maschke’s resumés are impressive. Between them, they have pumped out espresso at John Mills Himself, Sourced Grocer, Strauss, Reverends, Day Made and One Drop Specialty Coffee.

Now they’re poised to open their own cafe in July. “We’ve been so lucky with all the places we have worked,” says Nick. “We wouldn’t be doing what we are doing now with such confidence without those experiences.”

The name Camp came after the Maschkes went on a camping trip with friends. They had such a great time and wanted to bring that “wholesome” feeling of hanging out with friends and being in a community of like-minded people into their own cafe.

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The venue will slot into a ground-level space of the newly built Hudson apartments in Albion. The Maschkes have been working closely with Studio Lagom, run by friend and designer Will Ryan, to keep the interior simple with natural timbers and light colours.

Camp’s house blend will come from Parallel Roasters, the Sumner Park roastery established last year by Ben Graham (formerly of One Drop and The Single Guys). The Maschkes will also rotate other beans, mostly Brisbane-sourced, to champion smaller boutique operations.

There will be a decent sized kitchen in place, with a strong focus on producing as much as possible in-house. “I think these days you don’t need a full-blown kitchen to deliver some pretty interesting, delicious meals,” says Kristina.

Camp will open at 50–54 Hudson Road in July.