You can already help feed the Brisbane healthcare workers on the frontline of the Covid-19 crisis via crowdfunding initiatives such as Feed the Frontline. But now you can buy them a beer as well.

That’s the idea behind The Good Beer Co’s newly launched campaign, A Good Beer Always Helps. The Brisbane-based social enterprise company has teamed up with Newstead Brewing Co and other independent breweries across the country to create a new system that allows Aussies to thank essential-services workers by shouting them to four-packs of craft beer and sending messages of support.

Eligible workers include healthcare professionals, cleaners, supermarket employees, teachers, paramedics and police officers. The Good Beer Co’s James Grugeon says the campaign is also designed to give exposure and move stock for craft brewers such as Newstead that have been affected by the federally mandated shutdown of restaurants, pubs and cafes.

“I thought, why not a campaign that helps essential-services workers by asking others to donate a four-pack and give them a message of support saying how much they appreciate their work,” Grugeon says. “But also, why don’t we then generate orders through that campaign for our craft breweries, so we give them a bit of a shot in the arm.”

In addition to the Queensland brewery, Grugeon is also collaborating with Sydney’s Modus Operandi Brewing, Melbourne’s Stomping Ground Brewing Co, Adelaide’s Sparkke, Tasmania’s Van Diemen Brewing, Perth’s Otherside Brewing Co, Canberra’s Capital Brewing Co and Gold Coast-based non-alcoholic indie brewer Sobah.

A $20 donation via the Pozible page purchases a four-pack of a core-range beer that will then be brewed, canned, packed and delivered by Newstead Brewing Co. This is an entirely not-for-profit operation, Grugeon says, with the donation covering the costs for the brewing partners. Workers can register to receive their beers via The Good Beer Co’s website by signing up with a work email address or uploading some other form of credentialed ID.

Grugeon has watched the Covid-19-related food campaigns that have sprouted around Australia in recent weeks with interest, but says he drew particular inspiration from Glasgow-based Brewgooder’s One On Us campaign, which has been using donations to send four-packs of beer to National Health Service workers in the UK.

“At the same time I was thinking, what can I do personally to help essential-services workers, who as far as I’m concerned are always there for us at all times?” he says. “They’re what’s keeping our country going right now.”

A Good Beer Always Helps started taking donations on Monday April 6. The first beers will be delivered in mid to late April.