Good news, fried-chicken fans: Winner Winner is returning this Saturday.

The popular Paddington fried chicken spot was recently forced to close after three major termite nests were found inside the building, rendering it structurally unsound.

Owners Luke Stringer and Ashleigh Bates have now managed to relocate their UberEATS operation. Plans are also underway for a new physical outlet; the duo is bringing a new bar-owning partner into the business.

“In the near future we will be announcing a venue where [Winner Winner chicken] will be available, which is in close proximity to where we used to be,” Stringer told Broadsheet. “It will be coming out of an existing bar that doesn’t really do much in the way of food at the moment.”

Stringer won’t be drawn on which venue he’s talking about, except to say it’s in the Paddington area and it hosts live music.

More details soon.

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