If, like the rest of us, you spent the weekend binge-watching the third season of The Bear, you’d know just how tiring the restaurant game can be. Between long services and early morning trips to the markets, it’s a gig that requires a constant stream of caffeine.

We spoke to nine local chefs to find out which Brisbane cafes they visit to grab their coffee.

Salt Coffee Roasters is easily the best spot for coffee. They also serve my favourite toasties in Brisbane – perfect for that post-workout bite on the way to work.”
Louis Tikaram of Stanley Restaurant

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Intersection. It’s the best coffee by far, it’s so good. I also love The Whisk Patisserie for their coffee and pastries.”
Juliana Butteri of The Calile

“Sunroom in Newstead. The coffee is always exactly how we like it and the team there is the most consistently friendly bunch you’ve ever met. Plenty of natural light. It’s the perfect way to start your day off.”
Leaham Claydon and Jianne Jeoung of Snug

John Kyle Espresso in Maroochydore for locally sourced specialty coffee.”
Daniel “Dobbers” Dobra, chef in the Sunshine Coast

“There’s a little hole in the wall on Edward Street called Ricochet that does really good coffee. I usually grab a coffee [there] every second day.”
Alessandro Pizzolato of Settimo

The Maillard Project on Charlotte Street. I use their single-origin beans for home too! (I promise I’m not a snob! I just love good coffee.)”
Eugene Lee of La De Lah

“I used to frequent Light Coffee in East Brisbane on a regular basis to get a brew and some filter beans for home, but sadly it’s no longer there. They do have a subscription service though, which is amazing, and the quality of the roast is incredible.”
Phil Marchant of Essa and The Nixon Room

“My friends over at Insane Acai Bar on Boundary Street make brewing great coffee look too easy. I’ve suggested they buy an IV machine so I can get my daily fix pumped straight into the bloodstream.”
Kemi Fajemisin of Lekki by Little Lagos

The Maillard Project, CBD. My head chef Nathan took me here a few months back to show off their skills. They take their craft very seriously and offer a wide range of pours. I’m not the biggest coffee drinker and usually only order piccolos, but even I can tell that their quality is next-level.”
Nick Alba of Wooden Horse Brisbane