Brazilian pastry chef Juliana Butteri’s Instagram feed is a dream. The lamination and glossy golden bakes have caught the eye of pastry lovers – including the queen herself Nigella Lawson, who glowingly referred to the croissant she tried at the Calile as the “best ever”.

When she’s not dishing out viennoiseries at the highly lauded hotel, this is where you’ll find Butteri eating and drinking on her days off.

Where have you found the best Brazilian food?
I’ll be honest, I don’t ever go out to get Brazilian food. I’m Brazilian, my husband is Brazilian so we cook at home every day. I mean he does; I don’t cook at home at all.

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Where is your favourite restaurant in Brisbane?
When I go out I prefer to go to different kinds of cuisines. For example, for me the best restaurant in town in Brisbane is one called Shucks Bar. It’s a very small restaurant in Manly, they only have I think 20 seats. They only use fresh local produce and focus on the seafood. Yeah, and the menu is always changing and it’s amazing. It’s the best place I’ve ever been in Brisbane.

What about the best coffee?
Intersection. It’s the best coffee by far, it’s so good. I also love The Whisk Patisserie for their coffee and pastries.

What’s your favourite pastry that you make at The Calile?
The plain croissant. Nothing beats a warm croissant out of the oven with a coffee. Just perfect!

What’s a spot you think is totally underrated?
If I say Sushi Room, people will think I’m just saying it to pick something inside the hotel, but Sushi Room here is so good. I don’t think people realise just how impressive it is, all the effort they put in, all the ingredients and all the techniques. It’s just amazing. I can eat everything there.

What’s your go-to place for a hangover feed?
Honestly? KFC. I love the chicken tenders. But I only go to KFC if Nene Chicken on Queen Street is closed – that’s by far the best fried chicken ever, whether or not you’re hungover.