Technically – technically – Guy Grossi is not from the Sunshine State but with a bevy of restaurants all over the country from Melbourne’s Puttanesca and Grossi Florentino to Perth’s Garum and Settimo in the Brisbane CBD, we’re willing to call Grossi a citizen of wherever there’s good food.

He talks to Broadsheet about where he eats whenever he’s at Brisbane – and the one dish on the Settimo menu he thinks is an absolute must-order.

What’s your go-to for a quick takeaway?
I’d go to New Farm Deli for a delicious panino.

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And for a drink and snacks?
Gerard's Bar. A glass of vino, some oysters and a crudo. Perfect.

If it’s a special occasion, where are you headed?
I'd pick Agnes in Fortitude Valley. It's the perfect balance of refined and relaxed – and that exactly what I’m looking for when it comes to a special occasion.

And where do you think does the best coffee in town?
I'm sorry if this is the Melbourne in me, but I do love a good coffee and croissant from Lune.

Do you have a go-to for a long lunch?
SK Steak & Oyster. I'd love to make my way through their menu over a long lunch.

How about a meal with a big group of family or friends?
I would say Hellenika for sure. It's simple and relaxed with delicious food, perfect for groups or if you've got kids amongst you.

Who do you reckon does the best desserts?
I'm not the biggest sweet tooth and would probably go a cheese selection over dessert, but I will say that I've had some pretty memorable sweets at Bianca.

What’s your personal favourite dish on the menu at Settimo? Tough one I’m sure…
This is like asking which of my children I like more.... One that stands out to me is the pasta al limone – it’s simplicity reminds me of sitting on the Amalfi Coast, which is what Settimo is all about.

And is there a hidden gem that you think is underrated but great?
I’d pick Rosmarino for my hidden gem. Great northern Italian food with a creative approach executed by Dario Manca. There’s a beautiful courtyard that reminds of Roma and a wonderful wine list curated by talented owner and sommelier Andrea Gatti.

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