Knocking off from work and heading to The End for a few hard-earned Rainbows is a cherished West End pastime. Now the rest of Australia might be about to get in on the action, and it’ll be made all the better knowing you’re supporting same-sex marriage.

Rainbow Beer founders Nick Goding, Timothy Lovett and Ben Johnston have launched a crowdfunding campaign to take their quaffable pilsner national. The aim: to raise awareness for Australian marriage equality.

“The goal is to reach $100,000, which will give us the opportunity to raise production levels to a viable level," Goding says. "Potentially [it will] set us up to have an ongoing beer brand that has 50 per cent of its profits going towards Australian Marriage Equality."

The pro-love beer has been on-tap at is founders’ bar, The End, since 2011. “We started Rainbow Beer because we wanted to have a great tasting beer on tap at our bar,” Goding says. “The branding was a conscious decision done to welcome LGBTQI community members.”

Goding reckons the trio couldn’t have picked a better time to kick the campaign off considering the attention media paid the Coopers controversy and Federal MP Peter Dutton getting involved. “We looked at it as an opportunity and as a time to stand up,” he says.

The campaign offers various pledging packages including stubbie holders, T-shirts and Rainbow Beer six-packs and kegs. “We just thought we should do something,” Goding says. “We have a beer that is perfect to create some change and that’s what we’re here to do.”

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Goding believes it’s only a matter of time before the battle over marriage equality is won. Then, Rainbow will turn its attention to other causes. “It may come down to what consumers want us to do,” he says.

You can support the Rainbow Beer Pozible campaign here.