Two Tables is truly a family affair. Owner Alannah McFadzean, a hospitality and service-industry veteran, opened the cafe in February with son Alex Henriksson (previously of Putia) and daughter Annie Simpson.

It’s also a place with no small amount of history, particularly when it comes to the eponymous two tables that sit in the cafe’s front room. Henriksson points to a long, narrow bench set at the front window.

“John Lennon sat at that table. Led Zeppelin sat at that table,” Henriksson says. “[There’s] a lot of cool energy and history around [it].”

It comes from the home of now-deceased Australian author and music journalist, Ritchie Yorke. The second table on the other side of the cafe was built in the 1940s and previously belonged to The Old Museum, where McFadzean has worked as a venue manager for more than 10 years.

“We threw what we had together, and then adapted and recycled,” Henriksson says. Old venetian blinds add detail to the front-bench space. There are lots of plants and a couch in the back courtyard.

The cafe serves home-style, plant-based food, with the exception of organic, free-range eggs and a cow’s milk option. The breakfast menu includes fluffy vegan pancakes with CocoLuscious dairy-free ice-cream, a vegetable stack cooked in miso on homemade toast and various grain bowls. Lunch is a selection of five different vegetarian and vegan burgers.

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“The menu is designed around what we eat and what we like to cook,” Henriksson says. All baked goods are made in-house including the bread and bagels as well as the chutneys and sauces. Fresh produce comes from local farmers through FoodConnect. Coffee comes from Sydney’s Single O roasters.

Two Tables is putting on live music on Friday nights with a full burger menu and Henriksson, a musician, can often be found writing in the cafe during slower periods. Feel like a jam? There are instruments strewn around the place so don’t be afraid to pick one up and have a play.

Two Tables
75 Sandgate Road, Albion
0478 759 070

Wed to Sun 7am–2pm

This article first appeared on Broadsheet on May 17, 2018. Menu items may have changed since publication.