It’s the issue at the front of everyone’s minds on election day. Where are the best snags?

Thanks to Grant Castner, it’s a question we can answer. In 2010, Castner created a website showing, on a map, registered election-day sausage sizzles being held nationwide. He’s been updating the site for every federal and Queensland, New South Wales and Victorian state election ever since, and these days gives you the opportunity to lodge a “SnagVote” for your favourite polling booth to get a banger.

Castner is not your average sausage enthusiast. With a doctorate in information systems, he originally created the site to help a friend who just wanted to know where the nearest sausage sizzle was.

“I looked online and there were plenty of other people asking the same question,” Castner told Broadsheet last year. “It was just a bit of fun and very small back then. I think it only listed about 60 sausage sizzles.

“It was [during] the 2013 federal election that it really took off.”

The site ended up attracting more than 150,000 people during the final two days of that election.

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For tomorrow’s Queensland state election, McDowall State School is currently leading the SnagVote with 155 votes, with Ferny Hills State School just behind on 145.

The site lists stalls with different options, such as vegetarian food; cake-only stalls; and sausage sizzle and cake stalls with vegetarian options. All you have to do is enter your location and the site will tell you where there’s a sausage sizzle or cake stall closest to you.

Find your nearest sausage sizzle here.

Additional reporting: Matt Shea