Some of Brisbane’s best eateries will soon be cooking meals for medical workers on the frontline of Australia’s coronavirus crisis.

Feed the Frontline is a crowdfunded initiative organised by Cook Live Love’s Fleur Sharpe. The idea is simple: you make a donation to Feed the Frontline’s GoFundMe page, and Sharpe will use the money to help distribute meal vouchers to doctors, nurses and other health professionals knee-deep in the fight against Covid-19. They’ll then be able to order from some of the city’s most popular restaurants, such as E’cco, Proof BBQ & Booze, 85 Miskin St, The Wolfe and Moda.

The idea is to give Brisbane’s struggling restaurant scene a much-needed cash injection while it produces food for overworked healthcare professionals. Both the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and the Mater Hospital are on board.

Proof owner Ryan Lane says being involved in the scheme was a “no-brainer”.

“Fleur is one of our regulars,” he says. “She was on her way to a meeting about it and pulled in at the last minute, asking if we wanted to take part.

“It’s looking after the people who take care of us. Nursing and doctoring and hospitality have shared the great pain of horrible hours since the dawn of time. It’s almost like we’re cousin industries.”

Lane says the plan is for funds to start being distributed next week. “I’ll then go up to the Royal Brisbane and give the vouchers to them and say, ‘Let me know when you guys want some food.’”

At the time of writing, the initiative has raised more than $22,000. To donate, head to the Feed the Frontline GoFundMe page.