In Brisbane’s subtropical climate, discovering a gelato delivery service is like finding a secret key to the city. La Macelleria gelateria, on Florence Street in Teneriffe, already boasts a delicious fixed menu of typical Italian flavours that rotate every week, including chocolate, coffee, vanilla and pure hazelnut. But for its newest addition, co-owner Matteo Zini is trying something La Macelleria has never done before. And it is only available via Deliveroo.

“In Brisbane we have a very good producer of honey,” says Zini. “A beekeeper we use [to supply honey] for other flavours as well. But this time we’re characterising the flavour with rosemary. The final touch is the honeycomb crunch from the same producer.”

Called the Miel & Ricotta, La Macelleria’s “super special” combination of fresh ricotta and honey-and-rosemary-infused honeycomb crunch, is something La Macelleria has never offered before. That it’s a secret “off-menu” item only available via Deliveroo adds to the mystique.

“It’s very delicate and elaborate,” says Zini of the gelato. “It’s a flavour we use for competitions or awards. You’ll need a delicate palate to discern all the beautiful ingredients. It’s hard to find anywhere else.”

The use of specialised local ingredients is important at La Macelleria. The gelateria’s co-founders, both named Matteo, are from Italy’s gelato heartland, Bologna. The pair honed their gelato making-skills over 18 years working in Italy, before moving to Brisbane to set up shop using traditional Italian methods

“Our first gelato shop back in Italy was inside an old butcher shop,” says Zini. “So La Macelleria actually means ‘The Butcher Shop’ in English. That was a secret, but most of our customers know now. The name sounded weird to them.”

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The closest thing La Macelleria has had to a secret menu before this is its gelato cakes. They can be customised says Zini, the cakes left, “up to the imagination and the fantasy of the customer”. The Miel & Ricotta is both Zini’s own version of fantasy and a reference to La Macelleria’s origins.

“Not many gelato shops in Australia use fresh ricotta and ingredients like this,” says the chef. “In Italy it’s very common. But most people want to feel unique and exclusive ordering something special from us.”

La Macelleria’s special Miel & Ricotta is available until Wednesday July 27, only via Deliveroo.

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