The Palace Supper Club owner and property developer Mark Rodrigues always wanted to own a little wine bar. What he got instead was a multi-room restaurant, bar and lounge with a 137-square-metre balcony in the heart of Fortitude Valley.

“I just got excited when I saw the space; it was my dream venue on steroids,” Rodrigues says. “I used to come here for yum cha when I was a teenager, it was China House Seafood Restaurant then. When I walked in I saw the carpet hadn’t changed in 20 years. It brought back all these family memories.”

With The Palace Supper Club Rodrigues is delivering immediately recognisable lunch and dinner favourites in a sophisticated, opulent setting. The large outdoor dining area in particular is something special for the Valley, and should be perfect for Queensland summer nights.

Located upstairs in the middle of Chinatown, Rodrigues says Palace is looking to offer a menu a little different from its neighbours. The cuisine is billed as “modern Australian”, which in this case means a focus on quality meat and seafood with a European bent. Think lamb racks, spatchcock, scallops in brown butter and crab tortellini. And, if you’re so inclined, $200 Italian caviar. Another point of difference is Palace’s hours, the venue is serving food until 11.30pm most nights.

A lounge menu is a condensed take on the restaurant’s offerings; meze plates, spanner crab croquettes, onion rings and kingfish sashimi all feature in the broad range of share plates and snacks.

The wine and cocktail list is relatively conservative but hits all the right marks, especially when it comes to the French selection procured from former Montrachet owner Thierry Galichet.

The interior has been decorated with an eye on luxury. “We didn’t want to cut corners anywhere,” Rodrigues says. “The furniture, lighting, tableware and cutlery have all been designed specifically for this venue. We’ve been building up a fit-out from the best stuff from all over the world.”

The only thing missing? A chandelier Rodrigues is still in the process of importing from Portugal. “It’ll be worth it,” he says. “It’s so beautiful we might even have a chandelier launch when it arrives.”

Palace Supper Club
12 Duncan Street, Fortitude Valley
07 3608 2087

Tue to Thu 11.30am–12.30am
Fri & Sat 11.30am–3am
Sun 11.30am–12am