Luke Stringer and Ashleigh Bates have been forced to close their Paddington fried-chicken joint, Winner Winner, after three major termite nests were found in the building.

“We believe the physical premises to be structurally unsound,” Stringer says. “Basically, [the termites] are eating their way through the walls and the floor.”

The problem was first identified when swarms of pests began pouring out from the wall, Stringer likening it to a scene out of a horror film. Shortly after, a customer pushed their chair out and it went straight through the floor, prompting Stringer to close the restaurant immediately.

Stringer hopes to get Winner Winner back onto Uber Eats in the next week. The only reason Stringer and Bates aren’t looking to relocate immediately is because both have their hands full with other projects.

More details soon.