Some of Brisbane’s best cafes use Coffee Supreme – Nodo, Scout, Alphabet and Atticus Finch among them. It’s perhaps surprising, then, that the local arm of the New Zealand roaster doesn't have a higher profile around town. Tom Cooney thinks he knows why.

“It’s not that we don’t get out there,” he says. “It’s just the way we choose to make ourselves known as a business is to have really great relationships with cafes and let the product do the talking. It’s less about advertising and more about just being really good.”

Cooney is Coffee Supreme's Queensland wholesale manager and in January helped spearhead a transformation of its Day Made cafe into Coffee Supreme Gibbon Street. It creates a new Brisbane flagship for the company.

“This is a subtle way of getting our name out there a bit more,” Cooney says. “The whole point of our roasting business is to offer really consistent product and have a really great service to back it up, and a really strong community surrounding it … [The cafe is] about experiencing the brand close-up and understanding who we are and what we’re about.”

The venue retains the familiar mix of handsome brickwork, tiles and wood features of Day Made, but the turquoise accents have been swapped out for flashes of Coffee Supreme’s vivid red. The layout has also been tweaked to make it “more intuitive and simple … Coffee is front and centre.”

Likewise, the menu has been streamlined to be more homely. One-handed eats such as toast with banana and cinnamon-sugar “crack butter” and avo-on-rye with labneh are a simple complement to the coffee. Baked goods from Alphabet Cafe populate the counter each day.

As for coffee, Coffee Supreme leads with its espresso, batch brew and cold filter, pouring seasonal blends and rotating single origins. Cooney gets particularly animated when talking about the batch brew, which is produced with a Fetco brewer and Mahlkönig EK43 grinder.

“When you use the right equipment, it’s absolutely delicious and possibly better than what you can do by hand,” he says. “The water delivery systems are so good … We’re encouraging people to taste it. We want them to get into batch brew.”

Coffee Supreme Gibbon Street
3C Gibbon Street, Woolloongabba
0412 116 887

Daily 7am–2pm

This story was originally published on January 25.