When Broadsheet visits Cerin Pasticceria on a Tuesday morning, there’s a line out the door. Inside, owners Giuseppe Caputo and Matteo Cerin – who hail from Turin and Vicenza, respectively – are hard at work. Caputo is busy serving customers and retrieving trays of baked goods from the kitchen to replenish displays, while pastry chef Cerin occasionally pops his head out of the kitchen.

Since opening last month, lines have been common, but the staff at this Italian patisserie keep the queue moving quickly. Typically, everything is sold out by 1pm. “On a normal day, like today, we made 230 cornetti,” Cerin tells Broadsheet. “And that’s just the plain one.”

According to Cerin, there are a couple of key differences between Italian cornetti and croissants. “There are more eggs in the dough, and we add vanilla, orange and lemon,” he says. “Then we add custard, creams or jam.”

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At Cerin, there’s a vanilla custard cornetto and a crowd-favourite pistachio version, made by roasting pistachios, making a paste and turning it into a custard. There are also fluffy maritozzi (chocolate-coated brioche buns filled with whipped cream), Nutella-filled bomboloni, fruit tarts and ricotta cannoli. Savoury items include a carbonara-inspired danish, focaccia sandwiches and pizza by the slice, including a porchetta and potato option.

Previously home to The Baker’s Arms, the space is bright and airy with sage green accents and white marble benchtops. A La Marzocco coffee machine pumps out coffee from West End’s Veneziano Coffee Roasters, while a glass window gives punters a glimpse of the action in the kitchen.

There’s limited seating inside, so expect to take away (the duo planned to have outdoor seating, but were unable to get council approval). You’ll find people crouching or standing as they hoe into their baked goods.

You’ll also hear a flurry of Italian as the spot fills with expats keen for a taste of home.

“The Italian community is very big [in Brisbane] and they are all coming here,” Caputo says. “We’re their new go-to spot.”

Cerin Pasticceria
29 Logan Road, Woolloongabba
0430 826 425

Tue to Sun 6.30am–3pm (unless sold out prior)