When Butter opened in Gaythorne last month, the locals were beyond excited, so much so that the cafe sold out of toasted sandwiches the first few days. “We were overwhelmed with the response,” co-owner Daniel Bowles tells Broadsheet. “We’re quite visible from the street, so people must have been driving past and waiting for us to open.”

As the name of the cafe suggests, the menu is filled with plenty of glossy, buttery goods. There’s banana bread served with espresso butter. Crumpets from Ashgrove’s Wholly Crumpets, served with cinnamon butter. And a sausage-and-egg muffin made with a pork-and-fennel sausage patty. There are also four cheesy toasties: one with pastrami, American cheese, sauerkraut, and bread-and-butter pickles; a chicken melt with chicken breast, house-made Japanese mayo, mozzarella, pecorino and caramelised onion; a thyme-roasted mushroom number with basil pesto, truffle mayo and pecorino; and a gooey four-chese toastie.

Compared to Bowles’s other cafe, Sister in Hawthorne, it’s a smaller, more straightforward menu. Bowles says they’ve “scaled back” the food offering for Butter, citing the limited space as the reason to have “a select few items on the menu and make them as high quality as possible”.

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For coffee, they are running Single O’s Killerbee as the house blend and rotating through single origins for batch brew. There’s an iced cappuccino made with espresso, milk, cold foam and shaved chocolate.

The outdoor courtyard – adorned with vibrant yellow umbrellas, white besser blocks and a touch of greenery – seats 30. Bowles encourages patrons to bring their furry friends – there are complimentary dog treats.

5/394 Samford Road, Gaythorne
0478 368 233

Mon to Fri 6am–2pm
Sat & Sun 7am–2pm