What to do when you’ve spent two years at your fancy breakfast cafe perfecting the one item that’s not even on the menu? If you’re Yianni Passaris, you lean in. The humble bacon-and-egg roll has become a crowd favourite at Passaris’s Morning After in West End – the kind of dish you only hear about via word of mouth (or Instagram). Now it’s front and centre at Yolk, the new cafe Passaris opened in Gasworks Plaza in Newstead in September.

“It’s a simple thing – bacon and eggs between two buns. It makes people happy,” Passaris says. “[The bacon-and-egg roll] is a staple of Australia – it’s an ugly but delicious all-day breakfast item. We just wanted to glorify [it] and make the bacon-and-egg roll our signature dish.”

But bacon-and-egg rolls are just the beginning at Yolk – Passaris is looking to elevate the takeaway shop experience by converting a small range of iconic Aussie foods into simple gourmet dishes. “[We’re] cooking to order, serving a restaurant-quality dish between two buns,” he says. “We’re using premium products like Angus beef from east Gippsland, creating all of our sauces, and using premium bacon and eggs.”

Yolk’s six-item all-day food menu understandably revolves around chicken and eggs. Beyond the hero dish, there’s a fried-chicken burger and a steak-and-egg roll that comes with fresh chimichurri, American cheese and Dijonnaise. The drinks selection is just as simple, with fresh orange juice served alongside espresso and filter coffee using Five Senses beans. “People at Morning After love our ice lattes and iced batch brews, so those will also be available,” says Passaris.

Alexander Lotersztain of Derlot, who worked on the design for Morning After, has pieced together a minimal fit-out that reflects Yolk’s straightforward menu. The cafe features custom-built furniture, curved bars, round tables and a simple palette of grey, white and beige.

This story was originally published on September 4. Menu items may have changed.

76 Skyring Terrace, Newstead

Daily 7am–4pm