Montrachet, the French brasserie that’s called Paddington home since 2006, is moving to a new location on King Street at the Brisbane Showgrounds.

Owners Shannon Kellam and Clare Wallace have been running the show since early 2015. They took over the business from founders and French natives Thierry and Carol Galichet. The husband-and-wife team has remained loyal to the brasserie-style cooking established by the Galichets – including the crowd favourite Grand Marnier brûlée with passionfruit curd, chocolate hazelnut praline mousse and strawberry sorbet.

Naturally, though, the pair is excited to move things forward. Wallace says there are many reasons for the move, including the room to have a bakery and restaurant under one roof, something they’ve wanted for a while. This means takeaway baguettes at lunchtime and a fully stocked pastry cabinet. The new site will also have double the seats, a kitchen twice as large as the current one and a glass-framed cellar.

“[We want] to recreate the ambiance of Montrachet but just in a better setting,” Wallace says.

The Galichets have been helping with the move. “When we first told them we were moving they were so excited for us and said if they’d found the right site they would have done it themselves five years ago,” Wallace says. “They’ve been instrumental in tracking down these exciting, beautiful things to really recreate that dining room as it is now.”

That includes Italian leather, German light fixtures and the original’s characteristic marble, meaning it will be a faithful recreation.

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Montrachet will move to the corner of King and Machinery Streets, Bowen Hills in November 2017.

224 Given Terrace, Paddington
(07) 3367 0030

Wed to Fri 12pm–3pm
Mon to Thu 6pm–late
Fri 12pm–3pm, 7pm–late