Late-night dining lands in Brisbane tonight with the launch of Danielle Dixon’s Midnight Dining Club.

Taking over Damian Griffiths’s new pop-up dining space, Alf’s Place in Fortitude Valley for the next two weekends, the concept is designed as a destination for revellers, hospitality staff, chefs and other shift workers chasing a late dinner that extends beyond McDonald’s or Domino’s.

“The idea came from the Netflix series Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories,” Dixon says. “I loved the concept of this cosy dining space where you come in the middle of the night and eat your woes away, talk over your problems.”

Dixon is perhaps best known as a contestant on the third series of MasterChef but was most recently sous chef for four years at Bucci on James Street. Midnight Dining Club is in part her response to not being able to find anywhere to eat after she finished cooking for the night. “I’m kinda sick of that,” she says. “So for all the chefs, front-of-house people, nurses, this is their thing.”

The nightly menu will rotate around three staples: a croque madame, a vegetarian mapo tofu and for dessert a toasted peanut-butter-and-jelly ice-cream sandwich. Otherwise, specials change everyday – “You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram,” she says – and there’s also a “Pantry List” from which diners can choose ingredients to create their own meal for Dixon to cook.

Midnight Dining Club debuts at Alf’s Place from 11pm tonight.

Alf's Place
39 Alfred Street, Fortitude Valley

Hours (Midnight Dining Club):
September 28 to October 1, 11pm–2.30am
October 5 to 7, 11pm–2.30am