If you thought the Mars Bar cheesecake or those impractical stacked milkshakes were peak dessert, The Chocolate Komberry Co. and The Doughnut Bar are here to prove you wrong.

Over the next two nights the duo of confectionary specialists is set to cause outright panic at the Eat Street Markets with the Golden Gaytime Conut.

“Last year we were the first to create a Golden Gaytime doughnut,” says Leigh Devlin, owner of both businesses. “It’s been hugely popular ever since. So this summer we thought we’d raise the bar a little higher.”

How high, you ask? Try a handrolled, 64-layer cronut pastry cone coated in Cadbury chocolate and Gaytime crumbs, filled with Golden Gaytime soft serve and chocolate honeycomb biscuits. Madness.

The Golden Gaytime Conut debuted at Eat Street Markets earlier this afternoon and according to Devlin already has a queue forming outside the Chocolate Komberry Co. Kombi van. “We have two people who roll thousands of cones every week,” he says. “We try to never sell out but the popularity does sometimes exceed what we can do.”

You’ve been warned. Still, if you miss out tonight, Devlin says there’s always the rest of the summer.