Lucky Egg’s fried chicken quickly achieved cult status when it opened in its shipping-container home in Fortitude Valley in 2015. Now, two years after the first, the second egg has hatched.

This time in West End, the coop is several times the size and comes partnered with Good Time Bar, so you can enjoy your chook with a cold beer or cocktail. “It’s great to have people that are enthusiastic about creating drinks and cocktails to collaborate with on an overall theme,” owner Jacob Knauth says. “You’ve got someone who wants to focus on drinks and someone who wants to focus on food.”

The bigger space has allowed Knauth to expand the menu. In particular, he’s drilled down into the creativity and risk of Korean cooking by building a bunch of dishes around kimchi. Knauth makes the fermented spicy cabbage in-house and in bulk. “I love pushing something quite a few people are weird about,” he says. “People don’t know what it is and when you explain it to them they think it sounds horrible until they taste how gingery and fresh it is. Korean cooking is all about texture, spice and pleasure and that’s all I want this menu to be about.”

True to his word, the menu features charred miso-grilled corn, kimchi spring rolls, karaage cups and classic burgers slammed with coleslaw, cheddar peppery buffalo sauce and, yes, kimchi.

Under the same roof, Bean Box Espresso Bar serves coffee through the day, and Good Time Bar has a refined cocktail menu featuring four Bloody Marys, a Negroni and more. Knauth has designed a snack menu to match the knock-off drinks: think Dorito popcorn chicken and cups of wings.

“I don’t really care if it’s super healthy for you and I don’t really believe in guilty pleasures or not,” Knauth says. “I believe if you eat good food and you’re enthusiastic about food you’re going to be happy.”

Lucky Egg West End
123 Boundary Street, West End
No phone

Sun to Thu 11am–9pm
Fri & Sat 11am–late