When Loaded Food Co.’s Newstead location opened in October, things got busy fast.

“Sometimes it looks like a sea of people,” co-owner Katie Townson says. “It’s been absolutely hectic.”

Katie and husband Simon opened the first Loaded Food Co. in Ashgrove last year and have tapped into the recent demand for takeaway you can feel good about (see Botanica and Greens & Grains).

The new location is offering a menu of actually-filling, actually-tasty salads, wraps, hot savoury pastries and plenty of decadent and whimsical sweets (think glitter, and a fried egg made out of icing) on the counter. Townson says she sees Loaded as a place people living and working nearby can come back to every day. “A lot of your usual grab-and-go takeaway you just can’t have more than once a week or so,” she says. “But we change it up and keep it healthy and interesting.”

The location, in the brand new Newstead Studios, is a freshly painted, open space decorated with striking art and light boxes. Townson says the warehouse-style building opens up new catering and event opportunities with a large dining space, garden terrace and, most impressively, a beautiful loft-style photography studio. The studio’s glass walls and ceiling panels let in plenty of natural light for cocktail-style functions of up to 100.

Katie Townson started her career as a fine-dining chef but says she prefers cooking food people can have any time, not just on special occasions.

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“I love making fancy versions of the stuff you always want but don’t want be busted eating,” she says, teasing KFC-style potato and gravy and different types of house-made sourdough with cultured butter and bacon fat as evening menu items to look out for.

Loaded Food Co. Newstead
22 Ross Street, Newstead (Enter via Wickham Grove)
0451 653 313

Mon to Fri 7am–2pm

Loaded Food Co.

This article as updated on December 18, 2017.