When a dash out back to restart the electricity became a regular part of Little G’s nightly service, George and Danielle Diacos knew they needed a bigger space for their popular Dutton Park pizza joint.

“The power kept shorting out because of the fryers and the oven and the dishwasher … We were running to the switchboard to flick it back on,” George says. “We loved that building we were in. We also had [cafe] Gertrude & Mabel there … But we grew and grew and the building couldn’t handle us anymore.”

The solution for the brother-and-sister duo was to close both Little G and Gertrude & Mabel, and move the former to a tenancy in Woolloongabba’s Drapery development previously home to Paul McGivern’s Corella. Little G reopened in the new space in mid-July (Gertrude & Mabel is continuing as a catering and events business).

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On first look, the new digs are a total change of pace for Little G. The Dutton Park restaurant was so old-school and poky the Diacoses had to cut a hole in the wall to make room for their pizza oven. By contrast, those who visited Corella will remember it as a modern and moody space, with slate, copper and wooden finishes. The Diacoses have kept the fancy fit-out but carefully lightened the atmosphere with a bunch of plants, olive trees and the Little G menu projected on the wall.

“We were a little worried about how people would take it,” George says. “But we’re kinda raising up Little G a bit, bringing the space down a touch and landing in the middle. I think we’ve done a good job … It’s really great and has a nice atmosphere. Everyone has commented on it.”

What hasn’t changed is Little G’s neat menu of pizzas, arancini and rotating Mediterranean-inspired specials such as chermoula lamb ribs and the restaurant’s popular fried chicken. Pizzas include margherita; prosciutto and pear; hot salami with pickled red onion and stracciatella; and mixed mushroom with truffle. All are made with Australian low-protein 00 flour and cooked in George’s “lucky-charm” Moretti Forni stone-based pizza oven, which has been hauled down the hill from Dutton Park.

For drinks, Little G is now backing up its house-made lemonade and ginger beer with a clutch of craft beers and a neat collection of small-producer wines such as Jumpin’ Juice riesling and Brothers Koerner grenache. Also, there's $5 tinnies of XXXX Gold “because we love it and it’s cheap,” George laughs.

The Woolloongabba restaurant ultimately amounts to the same Little G – just a bit more grown-up. And for locals it provides a casual alternative to the more hifalutin joints further along Logan Road such as Enoteca and Detour.

“It has felt like home immediately,” George says. “Everyone wanted to come in and take a look. It’s been a busy few nights.”

This story was originally published on July 21. Menu items may have changed.

Little G
64 Logan Road, Woolloongabba
(07) 3846 7713

Wed to Sun 5.30pm–9.30pm