Would you look at that.

The Doughnut Bar turned heads last year when it introduced doughnut fries. The idea was simple: just like McDonalds fries, except instead of the overly familiar fried potato you’ve tasted too many times, you get sugary slivers of a doughnut.

Now, though, they’ve been upgraded. Introducing Kit Kat doughnut fries. Think freshly cooked doughnut fries served with Milo-malt soft serve, Maltesers, vanilla and chocolate wafers, white and dark chocolate sauce, and of course finished with a couple of Kit Kat sticks. No, they’re not for the faint of heart.

Available at The Doughnut Bar in Eat Street Northshore from this Friday, you probably want to arrive early.

Eat Street Northshore
221D MacArthur Avenue, Hamilton


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