KaiKai Chicken opened in St Lucia last July and locals and students have been crowding through the doors ever since. Why? First, there’s the unlimited Korean, American and Southeast Asian-style fried chicken. Then, the bottomless dirty fries. Also, a salad bar and hot station with never-ending pasta, pizza and dessert.

It’s Sizzler, but good.

Now, though, KaiKai is taking things up a notch, with an unlimited chicken and booze package. The deal is unlimited wings, dirty fries and a selection of bottomless alcohol in a 90-minute sitting for $49.90 per person. Alcohol includes international beers and KaiKai’s own draft beer, KaiKai Lager, as well as summer cocktails, Australian red and white wines, and sparkling wine.

Owners Phillip and Michael Tan had already ramped up KaiKai’s hot food and dessert buffet selection, with the inclusion of a nacho bar and a bunch of new sweets on offer. A chicken and booze buffet was always the next step, Phillip says.

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