Josh Lopez is back, this time taking over the newly opened Bromley Room #2 in West End for a special ice-cream inspired degustation dinner.

The former GOMA and Emporium Group executive chef is once again drawing inspiration from the art world, using the bright street-mural-esque works of David and Yuge Bromley to create a multi-course meal matched to premium wines.

“It was an initiative [headed up by] Andrew Thompson, the project director at West Village,” Lopez says. “A mutual friend put us together.

“It’s exclusive. People can’t ask for this. I’ve got four nights and it won’t be happening again.”

The dinner will be held in the old Peters ice-cream factory and spread over seven courses, with five featuring ice-cream. Lopez is leaning on his passion for local produce including Summer Land camel sirloin from the Scenic Rim and north Queensland tropical painted crayfish, and native ingredients such as new season riberries. The scoops menu features rainforest sundaes finished with Daintree vanilla and – wait for it – scallop and avocado ice-cream tacos.

“We all have ice-cream sandwiches. I’m doing an ice-cream taco,” Lopez says. “Scallop shell dipped in cocoa butter so it doesn’t get soggy, and then some crispy scallops to act almost like a Golden Gaytime topping on top of avocado ice-cream, which will be piped in there.”

Lopez, often touted as one of Brisbane’s best chefs, has been operating as a high-profile gun-for-hire since leaving the Emporium Group suddenly in August. Last month he appeared at E’cco for a one-off dinner with the bistro’s Philip Johnson and Gert Pretorious. Best known for his award-winning work at GOMA Restaurant, Lopez’s Bromley collaboration marks a return to the art world.

“To focus just on food is not enough,” Lopez says. “I love having a multi-sensory approach. I’ve always believed in fine dining. If you produce this artistic food you’re at the coalface of innovation and creativity and that eventually flows into our more casual venues anyway.

“My wife Krystal is an artist,” he continues. “She taught me how to turn your dishes from a plate of food into something with substance and story. I’ve always had the belief that food has the ability to transform lives – not only of those eating it but those making it as well.”

There are four dinner dates in total – November 16 and 17, and December 6 and 7 – with each night having just 30 tickets available.

“These dinners are really hard to produce on a mass scale,” Lopez says. “Otherwise you start compromising to make sure the elements are perfect. Thirty is a natural fit for that space.”

Tickets for Josh Lopez at the Bromley Room #2 are $296.49 and can be purchased here.