How great are meatballs. Specifically, how great are IKEA meatballs.

Pretty great, apparently. Peter Ho, head of food-product development at IKEA USA, last year told that the retailer sells one billion meatballs — or köttbullar in Swedish — a year, worldwide.

“We’re expecting to sell 1.5 million serves of meatballs in Australia this year,” says IKEA Logan store manager, Renea Robson. “They’re essential for us. It’s a reason to visit the store, but it should also be a reason not to leave the store.”

The only catch is you have to be due a new couch — or coat stand, or book shelf, or dish rack — to justify the drive down to Logan to eat the things.

But not today. IKEA is bringing the meatballs to the city. And what’s more, they’re free. You don’t need to pay a cent. You don’t even need to build anything.

Still, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. The two-day event marks the launch of the 2017 IKEA catalogue and you’ll need to download a catalogue app and hashtag it on social media to grab your meatballs, served in a paper basket with lingonberry and gravy.

IKEA has forever been perched on the southern outer rim of Brisbane, so it’s almost odd to find this pop-up appearing in the middle of the city. But there’s a method to the madness — a brand new North Lakes store, which is set to open towards the end of the year.

“It’s important now that we have the two stores in the market,” says Robson. “It’s about being somewhere central to talk to both stores’ customers.”

The 2017 IKEA catalogue launch takes place Wednesday and Thursday (10am-3pm) September 28 and 29 outside Wintergarden in the Queen Street Mall