Much like the avant-garde district of Tokyo it’s named after, Harajuku Gyoza likes to stay ahead of the curve. Especially so when it comes to novel Asian desserts.

First it brought the “raindrop cake” to Australia. Then the Watermelon Jelly.

The Souffle Pancake is its newest import, this time inspired by Cafe Gram in Tokyo. The dessert launches at 12pm tomorrow at the chain’s CBD store. It’ll be available for two weeks before moving onto a new location.

Like its predecessors, the dish is practically made for Instagram. The three small meringue pancakes are cooked over 12 minutes to give them a wobbly, gelatinous texture. The stack is finished with Nutella, cream, banana and a drizzle of maple syrup. Expect to see these babies shaking their way across your feed in coming weeks.

Harajuku Gyoza CBD
141 Albert Lane Brisbane
(07) 3210 1231

Mon to Sun 12pm–10pm